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Unpacking Koto - TEDxKyoto

First TED Talk

Discussing Blackface in Japan on BBC News

Second International TV Appearance

Holding a Seminar on the History of Blackface in Japan at TBS-Japan

First National TV Appearance

Interviewed Live on BBC News regarding Blackface in Japan

First LIVE international TV Appearance

Interviewed by Sharla on her Sharmander YouTube Channel

Discussing Racism in Japan

Book Beat:

On Location in Yokohama Station

Book Trailer for "Loco in Yokohama"

This is a video containing clips and highlights fromthe book launch party for "Loco in Yokohama" in Tokyo, Japan

Launch Party

The Hatervision Interview

Interview regarding both books by those cool ass cats from Hatervision, Jason Gatewood and L. Taz Hicks

The Two and a Half Oyajis Interview

The first podcast interview regarding the book:

Loco in Yokohama, interviewed by illustrious japan vlogger, Hikosaemon

The Hikosaemon Interview 

Interviewed upon publishing  Hi! My Name is Loco and I am a Racist, by Hikosaemon

Loco in Yokohama - First Interview

The  very first live interview about the blog Loco in Yokohama, via the Bad Communication Podcast

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