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The Indie-Publishing / Production company behind “Hi! My Name is Loco and I am a Racist” and "Loco in Yokohama" is named Hunterfly Road Productions. Every company has to start somewhere, and Hunterfly Road auspiciously begins with these inaugural triumphs by the author Baye McNeil. While Hunterfly Road is currently focused primarily on publishing, we have recently expanded into video production including book trailers and documentaries. Some very exciting projects are well underway!


About  Hunterfly  Road

Hunterfly Road gets its name from a historical road that once existed in Brooklyn New York. It was a path used by the native Americans that lived in the area for centuries before the Dutch came upon it in the 1600s. As this road twisted and curved its way through central Brooklyn, it passed through one of the first post-emancipation black communities, called Weeksville.(See video below for more info on Weeksville)

Some homes from this period were “discovered” back in the 60s on remnants of Hunterfly Road. The story of Weeksville was the inspiration for the naming of this company. The spirit of perseverance, cooperation and community in the face of incredible adversity is at the heart of the works that will be released through Hunterfly Road in the years to come.

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