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Kindle Vella Series

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Fertile Tadpoles


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Black Volta

ANNOUCEMENT: Two New works to be released this summer!

Over the past few weeks I've been contemplating publishing on a new platform called Kindle Vella, weighing the pros and cons and such, and I've come to a decision: I've gonna give Kindle Vella a shot!

I've been making excuses not to publish fiction for so long...telling myself that I built my name and brand writing non-fiction, and people will not accept anything else from you. You have affixed yourself firmly in the real. Readers are not going to be interested in your imagine nation, I told myself. 

But that's ridiculous. Good storytelling is good storytelling and I tell good stories! 

Kindle Vella is a new platform for publishing serialized / episodic stories. And it's perfect for some of the serialized story ideas I have been working on. 

Anyone who has followed my work since my blogging days knows I used to do series ALL THE TIME on LIY and they were all very popular. In fact, both of my previous books were based on successful series from my blog.

So now the time has come to try my hand at serialized fiction. 

For more info on Kindle Vella peep here:

The first three episodes of my new fictional series will be released TOMORROW and will be available for FREE on Kindle Vella, so if you have time and want to be thoroughly engrossed and entertained by your boy's fiction, I got you covered!  

The name of the series being released tomorrow is:

Fertile Tadpoles! 

(Sounds familiar right? It should because I've been teasing the release of this work for a long time, and the time has finally come!)

The 2nd series will be published on Friday. More info on that to follow!

Thanks in advance for supporting my new series.




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