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White Supremacy is Affirmative Action

(for white people)

I feel sorry for White Americans.

I do.

It's a damn shame that you were taught, and yes many of you bought into, a fraudulent narrative about the greatness of your whiteness, and the greatness of your country, and now some of you have to shut down your brains to keep that lie alive as long as possible because without it, what the fuck are you? Right? Just a regular person.

Just like those people you were trained to pity or fear or avoid or condescend to from shit hole countries all over the world, or shit hole communities (called ghettos or 'hoods or home, for me) all over your own goddamn great country. The ones your police have been doing an admirable job protecting you from with military equipment, choke holds and kneecaps to the neck.

But now all of a sudden, all of your illusions and delusions you were able to hold on to all these years are coming crashing down all at once.

It must be disturbing as fuck.

I mean, I felt a twinge of it when Bill Cosby turned out to be a truly reprehensible piece of shit, But I can't imagine how it feels to learn that ALL your fucking heroes, your very definition of hero, all your holidays, all your accomplishments, all your wealth, all your freedoms and liberties, all of it, is tainted due to systematic racism...that your entire life you have been the beneficiary of an Affirmative Action written into the US Constitution, that requires you to fill out no form, just be white!

Yep, white supremacy is Affirmative Action for white people!

Virtually every privilege you've enjoyed for 400+ years has been at the expense of black people, women and other minority groups lifting you up, filling your coffers.

You've had to learn the hardest way that all you've learned has been BS designed to make you feel good about your skin color.

That must make you feel sick, learning that it's all been an elaborate lie. Having to wonder for the first time in your lives, in your history, how will you perform once the playing field is leveled?


No wonder you're protesting as hard as you are. You've been victimized, too!

But we'll pull through this shit, and we'll get it together. I actually believe that!

Obama gave us a glimpse of something I never thought I'd see, a glimpse of our potential as a people. Y'all saw it! Turn off your cynicism for a hot sec and you will recall it was beautiful, wasn't it?

But it was just a brief, like a shooting star.

in order to make it real, to make America truly great, we're gonna need to do more than feel sorry for one another. I can tell you that. We're gonna have to take some affirmative action and do something really difficult:

We're gonna have to learn to love and trust one another.

If not, we're not gonna make it. That's my word.

“As long as you keep your head to the sk
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